Telephone system installation

Our installation service starts with a full review of your business needs, objectives, challenges and current arrangements. We’ve already researched the market – so we can quickly provide the best solution that suits you from a pre-tested selection of high quality products. Our installations are carried out to the highest professional standard, with testing and follow up support an integral part of the service.

We have partnership arrangements with three high quality suppliers; Avaya, now the world’s leading telephone system provider, Panasonic and Ericsson-LG. We are fully aware of the benefits of each system and will apply this knowledge to recommend the right one for you, at good value prices.


Communications technology company Avaya is now the world’s leading producer of integrated communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Using cutting edge technology and leading innovation in this field, Avaya are focused on creating products that enable collaboration and seamless communication, and therefore efficiency.

Avaya lead the way in desktop phones, conference phones and wireless phones, all working seamlessly together through advanced features and sophisticated applications. We’ll guide you through the options using our expert knowledge.

In order to be able to supply Avaya products, a company has to become an Avaya partner. This rigorous process ensures that Avaya customers are assured of receiving high quality, thorough advice that reflects their world-class products.


Panasonic are an exceptionally high quality British supplier of business telephone systems, renowned for their reliability. Their range of products span from simple traditional desk based systems through to advanced IP based network communications platforms for larger multi-site organisations. A key feature of what Panasonic systems offer is real flexibility, with products that can evolve and scale up as your company grows or needs change. Using our knowledge of all their products and systems, we’ll steer you towards the right choice.


Ericsson-LG provide high quality and well-respected business telephone systems specially designed for the small to medium sized business. Their cost effective solutions are widely acclaimed as being user-friendly, scalable, able to integrate with your communications network and ideal for connecting remote and home-based workers. With a host of advanced and useful features they also offer a flexible selection of bolt-on options to suit your needs.

Telephone and mobile contracts

If you are nearing the end of a contract then leave the research of options and negotiations to us. We have a wide knowledge of the networks’ various offers, and relationships and good deals in place. We’ll audit your needs and negotiate on your behalf, so that you can benefit from a hassle-free move to a better value contract, instantly reducing high and rising costs. All that’s required from you is a letter of authority (and we can even supply a template for this) and you’ll be on your way to greater efficiency on your line rentals and mobile phone contracts.

Save your energy

Another service we offer is to audit, review and negotiate on your energy bills. By looking at alternatives and switching suppliers, your business could start seeing reduced costs almost immediately. Call us to start making savings now.

Maintenance and support

Any installation or system change we put in place will benefit from a responsive, reliable ongoing maintenance service. We understand how crucial communication systems are in any business, so if things go wrong, we’re on the end of the phone and we’ll be on our way as soon as possible to get you back in touch. As we’re a small company, you’ll get to know our engineers and benefit from a friendly, approachable and personal service. This is why we have so many longstanding customers who trust us to be there when they need us, with jargon-free advice and quick solutions to any issues.

VoIP hosted solutions

Hosted solutions is a revolutionary and increasingly popular telephone system among SMEs that enables them to operate their communications via a cloud. We believe that there are significant benefits of Hosted Solutions, particularly for SMEs and therefore we can supply, set up and maintain Hosted Voice Solutions and Sip Trunking for our customers. This approach is ideal for many of our customers who operate staff over dispersed or multiple sites and use a variety of telephone products including desktop phones, mobiles and wireless phones. Hosted Solutions offer superior collaboration opportunities and features, beyond the scope of traditional telephone systems and at very reasonable initial investment and ongoing cost.

Benefits of Voice Hosted Solutions

  • Easily scalable
  • Flexible to add users and devices
  • Low initial investment cost
  • Controlled ongoing monthly bills within your budget
  • Innovative automatic and add-on features such as voice messaging, voice conferencing, online conferencing, real time video, shared lines and more
  • Lower ongoing maintenance charges as the service provider is responsible for installing, managing, maintaining, and updating the solution
  • Professional features that improve productivity and enhance customer service
  • Peace of mind and business continuity as in the case of power outage or network problem, cloud based systems have multiple options for continuing to operate

Read more about Voice Hosted Solutions


To find out how we can help you with Hosted Solutions call us now.

Data, Leased lines and Broadband

Keeping your business connected is also about your network solutions. We provide advice on broadband and leased lines, ensuring that you have the right solution for you now but also as your business grows and expands. For businesses whose operations do not hinge on internet usage such as staff all based in one site, internet predominantly used for email, research and uploading items, broadband may be the most appropriate and cost effective solutions. If your business requires the interconnectivity of off-site workers, online conferencing, large numbers of users and business critical implications if the internet access is disrupted, lease lines could be the best option – and more cost effective in the long run.

We’ll talk you through the options available, manage your broadband service and organise lease lines if this is what your business needs.

Network and Cabling Infrastructure

Our engineers are expert installers of Cat 6 Data Installation and at the planning and ongoing project management and maintenance of your cabling infrastructure.

Taking a strategic view of your business needs, we’ll install the infrastructure that efficiently serves your business and enables the efficient functioning of your telephone systems, communication rooms and servers and internet. We only install the highest performance systems.

We’ll be mindful of the practical issues around installing the cabling, from aesthetic considerations to timing installation to ensure minimal business disruption. We’ll also future proof your infrastructure so that capacity can easily be added as your business grows.