Hosted Handset Solutions

Hosted solutions is a revolutionary and increasingly popular telephone system among SMEs that enables them to operate their communications via a cloud. We believe that there are significant benefits of Hosted Solutions, particularly for SMEs and therefore we can supply, set up and maintain Hosted Voice Solutions and Sip Trunking for our customers. This approach is ideal for many of our customers who operate staff over dispersed or multiple sites and use a variety of telephone products including desktop phones, mobiles and wireless phones. Hosted Solutions offer superior collaboration opportunities and features, beyond the scope of traditional telephone systems and at very reasonable initial investment and ongoing cost.

Benefits of Voice Hosted Solutions

  • Easily scalable
  • Flexible to add users and devices
  • Low initial investment cost
  • Controlled ongoing monthly bills within your budget
  • Innovative automatic and add-on features such as voice messaging, voice conferencing, online conferencing, real time video, shared lines and more
  • Lower ongoing maintenance charges as the service provider is responsible for installing, managing, maintaining, and updating the solution
  • Professional features that improve productivity and enhance customer service
  • Peace of mind and business continuity as in the case of power outage or network problem, cloud based systems have multiple options for continuing to operate

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