Keeping your business connected is also about your network solutions. We provide advice on broadband and leased lines, ensuring that you have the right solution for you now but also as your business grows and expands. For businesses whose operations do not hinge on internet usage such as staff all based in one site, internet predominantly used for email, research and uploading items, broadband may be the most appropriate and cost effective solutions. If your business requires the interconnectivity of off-site workers, online conferencing, large numbers of users and business critical implications if the internet access is disrupted, lease lines could be the best option – and more cost effective in the long run.

We’ll talk you through the options available, manage your broadband service and organise lease lines if this is what your business needs.

Network and Cabling Infrastructure

Our engineers are expert installers of Cat 6 Data Installation and at the planning and ongoing project management and maintenance of your cabling infrastructure.

Taking a strategic view of your business needs, we’ll install the infrastructure that efficiently serves your business and enables the efficient functioning of your telephone systems, communication rooms and servers and internet. We only install the highest performance systems.

We’ll be mindful of the practical issues around installing the cabling, from aesthetic considerations to timing installation to ensure minimal business disruption. We’ll also future proof your infrastructure so that capacity can easily be added as your business grows.